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Men and Women Feel Temperature Differently: Let’s Start Doing Something About It

Research has shown that the average AC unit servicing a UK office is designed to serve the needs of a 40 year old male, whose metabolic rate may be up to 30% faster than his female co-workers. Translated into simple English, this means that while men find the office temperature to be perfect for working hard, the average woman is working in a less-than-stellar environment. Anecdotal evidence has hinted at this for decades but only recently has research confirmed that the AC in most offices is biased toward male workers, and is therefore the unlikely source of a strange and abstract…

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20 Nations Sign Kigali Agreement to Reduce Use of HFC

Since 2015, hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) emissions have shot up by 54% thanks to a global increase in air conditioning usage. For the economists, it’s a sign of wealth and prosperity in the international markets. For ecologists, it’s a disaster. HFC is a greenhouse gas that’s known to pollute up to three times more than your average car’s exhaust fumes. As a responsible air conditioning specialist, Conditioned Environment are keen to reduce the amount of HFCs used in air conditioning and HVAC systems worldwide. Here’s how the Kigali Agreement will help with that aim. The Kigali Agreement On 19 November 2017, Sweden became…

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The Dos and Don’ts of Air Conditioning For Business

No matter what time of year it is you’ll want to achieve thermal comfort in your building, this is difficult at times with so many factors impacting on the heat or cold air coming from your air conditioning system. To try and combat some of the things which can ruin the efficiency of your air conditioning we’ve listed some dos and don’ts in this article which, if followed, will undoubtedly help in keeping your building at just the right temperature. The Dos Do improve your insulation There are so many ways in which your building can leak warm or cool air…

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Why is London the Capital for Business?

London is often referred to as the business capital of the world, with its reputation being based on influence, the strength of its economic power and technological state, as well as other factors. It is also revered for its status as a ‘city gateway’, which means that it is an ideal tourist destination and hub for transport. Technology plays a huge part in the way a city is viewed, so if a city places importance on keeping up to date with technological advancements, it will only enhance its reputation both as a tourist destination and a business centre. The report, carried…

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How Can a Facilities Management Contract Help My Business?

What is Facilities Management? Facilities management is a role dedicated to coordinating space, infrastructure and people which is often used in the running of arenas, schools, office blocks, hospitals, hotels and shopping malls. But what are the benefits of having a facilities manager in your business? This article will detail the responsibilities of such a role and the benefits that employing a facilities manager can bring to your company. The responsibilities of a facilities manager are numerous and cover a wide array of sectors, including: Health and safety Fire safety Security Cleaning Operations Maintenance/Testing/Inspections Commercial property management Use of space Maintenance…

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Make your Business Premises Safe from Fire

Ensuring the safety of your employees in the workplace is of the utmost importance for all employers. As an employer or building manager, you are known as the ‘responsible person’ which means you have a number of responsibilities to ensure the safety of those in your building. Those responsibilities include: Regular fire risk assessments of your premises Put in place and maintain appropriate safety measures Plan for emergency Provide appropriate fire safety training and information Any escape routes that are in place in your building must be totally unobstructed at all times, and they must be easy for everyone to pass…

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Waste Matters – Reduce your Footprint

With greenhouse gas emissions being at the forefront of environmental concerns and rising gas prices being a topic of much controversy over recent months, energy consumption amongst large public and private sector businesses has been the subject of investigation. These sectors contribute to a large amount of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, and with the ‘Carbon Plan’ aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, new schemes have been introduced to help achieve this goal. The Green Deal is designed to help businesses and householders improve their energy efficiency by using savings on their energy bills to pay for…

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