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Waste Matters – Reduce your Footprint

With greenhouse gas emissions being at the forefront of environmental concerns and rising gas prices being a topic of much controversy over recent months, energy consumption amongst large public and private sector businesses has been the subject of investigation.

These sectors contribute to a large amount of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, and with the ‘Carbon Plan’ aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, new schemes have been introduced to help achieve this goal.

The Green Deal is designed to help businesses and householders improve their energy efficiency by using savings on their energy bills to pay for the cost of improvements. If successful, the scheme could reduce carbon emissions from households and businesses by 4.5 million tonnes per year by 2020. There are a range of Green Deal models available to cater for small, medium and large sized businesses, ensuring that all 4.5 million businesses in the UK have a chance to take part in the scheme.

There are several incentives for businesses who take part in these energy saving measures, such as the Enhanced Capital Allowance, which awards businesses the opportunity to invest in energy saving equipment while writing the cost off against their taxable profit. This will hopefully encourage more businesses to make more investments in their energy efficiency, saving them money in the long term and benefiting the environment in the process.

As mentioned in last month’s article, improving your workplace’s energy performance can reap rewards in terms of employee satisfaction as well as financial savings, and these efficiency strategies now need to come from the management of the building too, rather than just the structure and design of the property.

Here at Conditioned Environment we take great pride in our dedication to providing the highest quality air conditioning and heating systems to our customers. As well as supplying and installing the most effective systems, we also aim to provide maximum energy efficiency from our products. Take our air conditioning systems for computer and server rooms – they use efficient cooling mechanisms to ensure minimal use of fans and other cooling systems, reducing your energy output and helping you save money on your bills.

Our experienced staff can install, maintain and repair a range of HVAC and air conditioning units, all of which can be perfectly designed to suit the needs of your environment, catering for everything from the size of your building to the function of your business. For more information, get in touch with our friendly team today and we’ll be happy to help.