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The Dos and Don’ts of Air Conditioning For Business

No matter what time of year it is you’ll want to achieve thermal comfort in your building, this is difficult at times with so many factors impacting on the heat or cold air coming from your air conditioning system.

To try and combat some of the things which can ruin the efficiency of your air conditioning we’ve listed some dos and don’ts in this article which, if followed, will undoubtedly help in keeping your building at just the right temperature.

The Dos

  • Do improve your insulation

There are so many ways in which your building can leak warm or cool air and the best way to combat this, giving your air conditioner a fighting chance to regulate temperatures, is to improve insulation. Ensure you have double glazed windows and doors and the latest insulation in your walls and ceilings.

  • Do schedule the thermostat

Every building has a routine, with people coming and going at particular times. For this reason you can make savings by setting your thermostat to reflect when people will be around to benefit. You can save a lot of money by having the system turn itself on and off rather than leaving it on all day.

  • Do have your system serviced regularly

Though it can seem like an additional expense, you will save money in the long run by having maintenance and refurbishment services carried out regularly. At Conditioned Environment our engineers will be able to spot potential faults before the problem escalates and save you from having to replace the whole system. A thorough check can also improve the efficiency of your unit, lowering your bills for you.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t leave windows and doors open

If you’re heating or cooling your room then you need to allow the system to do its job. Any outside influence on the core room temperature could see the system over compensating or, worse still, not having any kind of impact at all. This wastes money and makes trying to achieve thermal comfort via air conditioning a futile effort.

  • Don’t keep it switched on all day and night

There is a common myth that if you keep air conditioning on all through the night that it will lower the energy costs. The thinking behind this is that it costs more to start the unit up and get to the optimal temperature. This is not true however, as the unit is actually at it’s most energy efficient as it starts.

  • Don’t use outdated equipment

As with anything in life, if you’re using old or damaged equipment, you can’t expect the best results. At best you’ll be spending more money to run an inefficient unit – if it even works at all. You’re also more likely to experience periodic breakdowns which will be more expensive than updating your system.

Contact us today at Conditioned Environment if you’d like to arrange for air conditioning maintenance and servicing on your HVAC system. Our professional team are fully qualified and will be happy to help you get the best from your set up.