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Category: Heating & Air Conditioning

What is Indoor Air Quality?

Why is indoor air quality so vitally important in 2021? Here we look at what indoor air quality is and how improving it will help us beat COVID-19 transmission. Simply put, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is the quality of air within a building. In particular, it is refer to when reviewing the health of the people who live or work there. When we think about air quality, visions of smog or car exhaust fumes may spring to mind, but it’s just as important to understand the air quality inside buildings. By simply sitting at an office desk, you might be exposed…

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Modelling research suggests an 80% increase in exposure to coronavirus droplets in busy offices

Blog by Christian Pearce, co-founder Conditioned Environment  Every day we’re learning something new about how COVID-19 is transmitted. I was intrigued by the new research cited in this article in Wired about how stagnant air in your office could be riddled with coronavirus. The research, by engineering, design and consultancy firm Arup, raises more concerns. Arup modelled the motion of air among crowds to demonstrate how aerosols – droplets less than five microns in diameter – move through a typical office. They found an 80% increase in people exposed to aerosols exhaled in busy offices. Back in July, I wrote about…

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A Short History of Mitsubishi Electric

  The Mitsubishi Electric Corporation traces its roots back to the Tsukumo Shokai Shipping Company which was established by an ambitious Japanese businessman named Yataro Iwasaki, in 1870. The company expanded into automotives, mining and stationery, before succumbing to allied forces in WWII and disbanding only to regain market share in post-war Japan and America. Today, the company manufactures the world’s most advanced air conditioning and HVAC units, which Conditioned Environment proudly supply and install throughout London. Before Mitsubishi Electric Yataro Iwasaki’s shipping company started life as Tsukumo Shokai Shipping Company in 1870 and changed its name to Mitsukawa Shokai in…

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10 Insane Facts About Underfloor Heating

Modern flat blocks, skyscrapers and houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) are turning to underfloor heating in droves to meet their temperature needs. It’s no wonder, given all the benefits reaped from this highly desirable system. It’s easy to install for one, especially in new builds but also in top-down renovations in older properties, too. What you’ll want to think about before investing in underfloor heating is your supplier, their reputation and the brand of heating to be installed in the property. You only want to install the system once as by its very nature, underfloor heating repairs are costly, time-consuming and…

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Top 3 Thermostat Mistakes

It’s costly to heat your home or office all winter long but it’s also vital to remaining comfortable. Heating bills in winter are on average three times higher than summer bills which is why modern replacement thermostats and energy meters are very popular. These offer more control over heating your home or business than older systems, however, research shows that consumers are making costly mistakes when using their thermostat. To save money during summer and winter, here are the top 3 thermostat mistakes and how to avoid them. Get saving on bills this coming winter, with advice from Conditioned Environment. Setting…

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Geothermal heating and cooling

Here at Conditioned Environment, our years of experience in the air conditioning industry have allowed us to keep up-to-date with a wide range of technological advancements in the heating and cooling systems’ fields. This article takes a look at the growing interest in non-fossil fuel reliant technology for heating systems, focusing on the development of geothermal heating and cooling units. What is geothermal heating and cooling? Geothermal heating and cooling is based around the fact that the earth’s crust remains warmer than the outside air in winter, and cooler in the summer. Using pipes, the technology transports heat in order to…

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How frequently should office air conditioning be serviced?

To ensure your office’s air conditioning unit is consistently operating at its top performance, it is recommended that you have your unit regularly serviced by an engineer to ensure any faults or damage are quickly recognised and rectified. It is generally recommended that you have your air conditioning unit serviced annually to ensure it maintains its performance abilities. A poorly maintained air conditioning unit will have a poorer performance, affecting the temperature of the office and the productivity of all employees. Problems can include: Leaks from the unit (causing rust, damp, and mould) A loss of performance Increased risk of freezing…

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Heating an Office Environment in Winter

As the winter months are now upon us, many businesses are looking for ways to create a warm and comfortable environment for their employees. However, these benefits need to be balanced with energy costs and the concepts should be easy to implement. Let us take a look at some of the most powerful tips that will help to adequately heat an office during colder times of the year. Understanding the Appropriate Temperatures Although the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that the minimum working temperature should be at least sixteen degrees, most offices prefer to maintain heat at levels between twenty-one…

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