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How frequently should office air conditioning be serviced?

To ensure your office’s air conditioning unit is consistently operating at its top performance, it is recommended that you have your unit regularly serviced by an engineer to ensure any faults or damage are quickly recognised and rectified. It is generally recommended that you have your air conditioning unit serviced annually to ensure it maintains its performance abilities.

A poorly maintained air conditioning unit will have a poorer performance, affecting the temperature of the office and the productivity of all employees. Problems can include:

  • Leaks from the unit (causing rust, damp, and mould)
  • A loss of performance
  • Increased risk of freezing
  • Stale odours
  • Increased use of energy = increased bills<
  • Poor airflow

However, there are several checks you can carry out to check if your air conditioning needs to be serviced or repaired outside of the regular annual maintenance checks:

Check the unit is clean

Make sure the unit is free of dirt and grime, as this can easily cause the unit to have faults. If the office air conditioning is extremely dirty, it may need to be serviced to ensure it is restored to full working order.

Change the filter

It’s essential that your filter is clean and working for the air conditioning unit to be effective. Filters help to purify the area by screening out allergens and dust, helping to reduce the strain on the system. A dirty filter puts added stress on the components of the air conditioning unit, and can cause it to break.


Check that the airflow between the condensing unit (outside) and the conditioner is clear of objects, with a powerful and consistent flow. If the airflow is weak or inconsistent, your unit may need servicing to rectify this.

Check for signs of damage

If there are any obvious signs of damage to your air conditioning, a service check from an engineer will determine if any repairs need to be made.

Check for rust

If the office air conditioning is showing signs of serious rust or corrosion the unit will need professional help to be repaired. A service professional will be able to examine signs of rust in detail and indicate how serious the problem is, ensuring a bigger problem does not go unnoticed and cause more damage to the unit.

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