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10 Insane Facts About Underfloor Heating

Modern flat blocks, skyscrapers and houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) are turning to underfloor heating in droves to meet their temperature needs. It’s no wonder, given all the benefits reaped from this highly desirable system.

It’s easy to install for one, especially in new builds but also in top-down renovations in older properties, too. What you’ll want to think about before investing in underfloor heating is your supplier, their reputation and the brand of heating to be installed in the property.

You only want to install the system once as by its very nature, underfloor heating repairs are costly, time-consuming and messy. So, purchase a system from an industry leading manufacturer, and have it installed by professionals and you’ll have happily invested in all the benefits described below in our 10 insane facts about underfloor heating:


  1. It’s cheaper than radiators
    Paired with a smart meter, underfloor heating is the most efficient per square meter. Since it warms from below, its radiant heat is more even and doesn’t overheat the space.

  2. Average savings of 15%

    The annual UK family’s heating bill is £772 approximately and switches to underfloor systems return an average of 15% on this figure per household.


  3. Thermostat reaches temperature within 20 minutes
    Efficiency? It’s underfloor heating’s middle name. 20 minutes is the maximum recommended time for the average room to reach the desired temperature.


  4. It produces radiant heat
    Radiant heat is the type of heat created by the sun and is far more effective than a traditional system which produces heat through convection.


  5. Zero cold spots
    Zero cold spots are particularly noticeable in buildings with underfloor heating systems on all floors.


  6. There are two types of underfloor heating
    Electric underfloor systems are known as ‘dry’ systems. This heats the floor using a thin and highly insulated wire. Great for renovations, as it won’t raise the original floor level.

    Hydronic is known as a ‘wet’ system as it uses underfloor water pipes to radiate the heat. It’s an ideal system for new builds as it is marginally more efficient. Hybrid homes use hydronic heating on the ground floor and electric on every floor above that.


  7. Complete design freedom
    You’ll benefit whether you’re an architect, homeowner or interior designer, since over 10% of wall space and floor space is freed up by having an underfloor heating system.


  8. Tailored temperature control
    Programmable thermostats allow smart control of your home. Whether you want zoned heating or timed heating for when you arrive home, wake up or you’re having older relatives round. Wifi thermostats also boost energy efficiency and could save you up to £200 a year.


  9. Every floor option is compatible
    Tile, stone, carpet, wood, laminate and vinyl – no matter what flooring you have, underfloor is a compatible heating alternative.


  10. It reduces airborne microbes and dust mites
    Underfloor heating causes less convection, which is when the hot air rises, cools and lowers to the floor again where it is heated up (often by an inefficient radiator). Underfloor heating doesn’t cause this to happen and therefore reduces the amount of dust mites and bacteria that are airborne in the home.