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Greener Workplace Leads to Improved Business Performance

The correlation between the environmental performance of a working environment and the performance of the employees within it has been the subject of a recent study by the British Council for Offices (BCO), who represent those who design, build, own, manage or occupy offices in the UK.

Findings of the report have indicated that the satisfaction of people who occupy the offices is directly impacted by the environmental performance of the building. While the environmental benefits of improving the office performance speak for themselves, building managers and owners may be surprised to learn of the relationship between the environmental performance of their building and the business performance of its occupants.

The report found that businesses may see improvements in the performance of their occupiers when they are engaged in discussion and action concerning environmental targets and energy efficiency issues. By engaging their staff, businesses may find that they take a more active role in improving the energy efficiency, and as they feel more valued their work output and performance may increase. These findings have shown that the onus for improving energy efficiency is now on the way buildings are run and managed, rather than just the way they are designed and constructed.

This improvement in employee productivity can also reap dividends outside of environmental impact – the BCO found that an increase in business performance can lead to a reduction in business costs, too. This shows just how beneficial it can be for businesses to listen to employees’ suggestions and comments about the energy efficiency of the workplace. By listening to these suggestions and taking action accordingly, business managers will notice employees feeling more valued, especially if changes are made based on something they have said. Richard Kauntze, the Chief Executive of the BCO said: “This research shows that in order to reap the rewards, companies need to ensure their offices are delivering energy efficiency”.

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