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Category: Fire Suppression Systems

What are fire suppression systems?

For the ultimate in fire safety, automatic fire suppression systems tackle fires quickly with minimal damage to property and minimal human intervention. Conditioned Environment are proud to offer high quality fire suppression systems throughout London and beyond, and this month we will clarify the benefits a fire suppression system can yield for your business. The Problem Industry research shows that 43% of businesses that close due to fire never reopen. Of those that reopen for business after a fire, 80% close again within one year. There is no better example of the financial strain that commercial and industrial facilities are subjected…

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Fire safety scammers are targeting London: don’t get caught out!

Criminals are targeting vulnerable tower block residents in the wake of the Grenfell Tower and Shepherds Bush fires. The scammers are entering residential tower blocks posing as fire safety officers and convincing tenants to allow entry into individual flats to carry out bogus safety checks. The scammers are in fact looking for valuables within the flat. These individuals have been accused of taking advantage of the devastating Grenfell Tower fire in Kensington in which 80 people lost their lives, and are therefore wanted for questioning by the police. How to spot a fake council letter In many cases, residents have reported…

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What are the legal requirements for fire suppression systems?

The risk of fire is a very real one, and preparation needs to be taken seriously to make sure your building is properly outfitted to tackle any sudden ignition. Here, we look at the regulations surrounding fire suppression systems and what steps to take if you’re thinking of having one installed. Legal requirements for fire suppression In the UK, a fire suppression system is not legally required. However, that doesn’t mean that you definitely don’t need one. What is legally required is a fire risk assessment, which may reveal that a fire suppression system is in need of installation. A fire…

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