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Helping to transform a previous factory site into brand new commercial office space

Conditioned Environment had worked with this client for over 20 years.

This longstanding relationship meant the team were able to excel in delivering the full mechanical services across the project, including; HVAC systems, commercial plumbing and pipework. The Conditioned Environment team installed facilities across all three of the Saga Centre buildings, providing domestic hot and cold-water services, heating and cooling and drainage pipes.

The team introduced Mitsubishi technology, redesigning the existing HVAC system to service all three buildings using a central controller on the roof of the main building. Conditioned Environment used the latest technology to ensure seamless fixtures in the building.

One of the main challenges on this project was adapting the design during construction. The team worked closely with the in-house design experts to develop a draft concept to tackle the difficult design that was re-developed and adapted to fit the building when pinch points were hit in construction. The coordination with contractors enabled pipe and electrical routes to be established, creating solutions to tackle hurdles, including overcoming the restrictions on beams to find penetration points.


Name of Partner
City Axis

Name of Building
SAGA Centre


  • HVAC systems tick
  • Commercial plumbing tick
  • Process Pipework tick

The team at Conditioned Environment excelled in delivering full mechanical services across the project, by working closely with a client to redevelop a previous factory site into a brand-new commercial office space.

City Axis

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