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We are committed to career development at Condition Environment Services Limited and are looking for people with aspirations to excel in the mechanical building services industry.

Our apprentice scheme showcases this commitment to developing our industry and is in line with the core values of our company.

We take great pride in guiding trainees from the start of their careers, providing them with a diverse and continuously developed skill set and encouraging on-site experience with our clients.

View our current vacancies:

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

In addition to the degree in Building services design/Mechanical engineering and the experience in building services design a candidate should have following skills.

  1. Hevacomp calculations
    1. Setting up the DXF’s
    2. Setting the orientation and tracing the building
    3. Setting the default data
    4. Construction details
    5. Setting up intermediate floors and roofs
    6. Inputting the internal data
    7. Production of Data schedule, Room Schedule, Heat loss and Heat Gain calculations
  2. Production of manual heat loss and heat gain calculations including UValue calculations
  3. Ventilation calculations
  4. Ductwork sizing and ventilation system design
  5. Pipework sizing and system design
  6. Heating plant selection (boilers, pump sets, pressurisation units, expansion vessels etc)
  7. Ventilation plant selection
  8. Comfort cooling design (splits, VRV / VRF)
  9. Water services and drainage design and sizing
  10. Reading and interpretation of specifications
  11. Production of a Contractors Proposal
  12. Completing a site survey
  13. Interpretation of other people’s site survey information and ability to glean additional information from them
  14. Co-ordination
    1. Service to service
    2. Service to fabric
  15. Production of clear and detailed hand marked drawings for CAD production and Estimation
  16. CAD alterations

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