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Pros and Cons of Underfloor Heating

Comfort is very important when working in an office, as being uncomfortable can be distracting and have a negative effect on the work rate and output of employees. In the winter months, when the cold becomes more noticeable and thermostats across the country get turned up a few notches, some buildings may also switch on their underfloor heating. There are obvious benefits to having underfloor heating, but there are also some drawbacks, and this article will look into them in detail.



Underfloor heating can provide a subtle but very welcome heat, which is ideal for bathrooms and toilets with tiled or stone flooring. These floor types are usually cold underfoot, and underfloor heating can remove this inconvenience, and can even replace the need for radiators. The versatility of underfloor heating means that there is a variety of systems available for different flooring types.


While radiators heat up quickly, it can often take a little while for that heat to spread around a room, whereas underfloor heating can warm up a large surface area rapidly, which means that you don’t have to spend too much time waiting for the room to heat up after you’ve turned on the heating. Coupled with this, heated flooring can take a while to cool down, so you can enjoy the heat for longer.


An oft-forgotten benefit of underfloor heating is the hygienic value it offers. The temperature of the floor when heated is too high for dust mites to live in, as the moisture content is too low. This is an added bonus for those who suffer from asthma or similar conditions.



In some cases, fitting underfloor heating can be quite difficult. In new-build properties, it can be added at the start with minimal hassle but, for older properties, fitting underfloor heating can take a lot of work, which can turn out to be quite expensive. The cost of underfloor heating can seem quite significant even for a new-build, but coupled with the extra work required to fit it in an older property, the costs can really be quite large.


The aforementioned quick heat-up time is a luxury that some underfloor heating systems provide, but unfortunately this may not apply universally to all underfloor heating. Performance can vary across the market, so if you are considering buying underfloor heating, ensure that you are aware of these variables before you commit to a purchase.

Here at Conditioned Environment, we are proud to offer our expertise to those who would like underfloor heating in their home or business. Our dedicated team can fit your underfloor heating system safely and efficiently, leaving you to enjoy extra warmth, which is ideal on those cold winter nights and mornings. For more information, please feel free to get in touch with us today!