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Plumbing Needs to Consider When Setting Up New Offices

There are many different factors to keep in mind when setting up a new workspace. One of the most critical is the plumbing considerations. As each office will require different issues to be addressed, this can be a bit challenging. Let us look at a handful of the main factors to keep in mind.

Toilets and Bathrooms

This is a first obvious concern. First, separate rooms that contain sanitary items for men and women are necessary unless the male and female bathroom doors can be locked from the inside. The number of toilets should be addressed and this will correlate with the number of people that are expected to regularly work at the office. One toilet is enough for between 1 and 5 employees. If the office contains between 6 and 25, two will be necessary. Any number over this up to 50 people will be addressed with three toilets. It is clear that the number of toilets will continue to increase proportionally. Should there be up to 100 workers, 5 toilets are needed to meet basic sanitation standards. If employees regularly cycle to work, it may also be wise to include a shower within the restroom.


An office kitchen is another component to consider. A sink and a dishwasher should always be present to eliminate dirty dishes and food containers. The sink will need to be large enough to accommodate a reasonable amount of items at any given time.

Additionally, a tap that supplies boiling water is an excellent means to reduce energy costs while employees will spend less time preparing foods or drinks. These taps will heat up quickly and are able to supply water at temperatures of up to 100ºC. They are also quite safe to use. Standard power supplies are employed and such taps come in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Thus, you will be able to match the existing decor of any kitchen.

Finally, a large number of employees may dictate the need for a built-in waste disposal unit. This device is normally fitted underneath a sink and it will not require a great deal of space. Food is reduced to fine particles which are then disposed of down a standard drain pipe. Other concerns will be the location of waste water pipes and even the installation of a washing machine if required.

Heating and Cooling Concerns

It is likely that you will have several heating options to choose from. The most common are central heating systems that make use of a water boiler. However, there may be times when under-floor (radiant) heating is a possibility. This can help to evenly heat an office. However, this method can be quite expensive and not all floors are able to support radiant heat.

There are two main types of air conditioning units. These can be termed as air-cooled and water-cooled variants. Water-cooled systems are excellent options if it is not possible (or not legal) to install exterior condenser boxes or vents. Instead, they will utilise the existing drainage system to eliminate excess water. Air-cooled units literally take the ambient heat from the air within the office and cool it down to a certain temperature. However, a fan and a duct will be required to remove the hot air to the exterior of the building.

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