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Why Do Multi Storey Buildings Need Facilities Management?

Facilities management is a very useful process that business owners use to help with the day to day running of their building and its facilities. A facilities manager will address maintenance issues, keep on top of any problems that need to be rectified and ensure that the building is operating as smoothly as possible.

Using an organised system to keep track of your facilities management jobs can help with the efficiency of any work that needs to be carried out, as well as making the facilities manager’s job easier. They can keep track of requests for maintenance and work through them without feeling overwhelmed or falling behind with the jobs that they are required to do. Many large buildings use these systems for ease of communication.

With multi-storey buildings, there are a number of extra tasks that the facilities manager must take on. Depending on whether there is a different floor for different areas of the company, for example, the list of jobs can be quite varied or quite linear. A facilities manager may have to deal with things such as:

  • Access
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Essential service provision (e.g. fire safety systems)
  • Improving building performance
  • Ensuring and maintaining safety for occupants and assets
  • Risk management
  • Waste management

This list can be exponentially bigger depending on the size of the building, the number of occupants and the type of activity that takes place inside it. For example, if the building is a residential one, there is a greater onus on the facilities manager to ensure that each resident is happy with their accommodation, and any concerns they have regarding the maintenance of the property are logged and dealt with when possible.

One of the key aspects of a facilities manager role is to take care of the aforementioned tasks while the business owner or manager can focus on running the other side of the business. This means that the manager does not have to worry about juggling too many jobs and sacrificing the quality of certain aspects of their work.

Here at Conditioned Environment, we understand the need for your business to run as smoothly as possible in every aspect. That’s why we specialise in providing the finest HVAC installation, repairs and maintenance service for all our customers. We also offer facilities management to help you keep your business running smoothly while you focus on other aspects. For more information, get in touch with us today.