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Energy Saving Tips for Commercial Premises

If you are in charge of running a business, then you know that getting the most out of your money is a priority. If you operate a large premise or premises, then powering said premises can be very expensive, especially if your operational hours are long. Thankfully, with the recent improvements and innovations in technology and energy efficiency, there are now even more ways to run your business in a cost-efficient way without sacrificing the quality or functionality of your energy solutions.

Solar Power

Solar power is becoming more and more commonplace in homes and businesses across the world as more solutions are created. The solar panels that can be seen on roofs of domestic and commercial properties can help you achieve considerable savings on your energy bills thanks to their efficiency. As well as their functionality, they also entitle you to be part of various government-backed schemes that aim to reward businesses who use eco-friendly energy solutions. The ‘Feed In’ tariff works in two ways: the first option is the owner pays the cost of the solar panel installation up front and then receives benefits of 31.4p per kilowatt hour they produce. Alternatively, you can have the panels fitted for free and then use the money saved to offset the cost of the installations.

Replacing old equipment

Newer models of equipment such as air conditioning and boilers are massively more efficient than their older counterparts. If you have noticed that you are maybe paying more for your energy usage every month, it could be down to the age of your equipment. Ask a qualified, accredited expert to inspect your equipment and tell you which ones might benefit from being replaced. Although this can be costly initially, the money you save in the long term will more than make up for your up-front expense.


A far cry from the traditional 60 Watt light bulbs that were so common even in recent years, there are now lighting solutions that are designed to save significant sums of money while providing even better output than old bulbs. LED lighting has a very long lifespan, or for extra efficiency, some lighting solutions are available with sensors that mean the lights only turn on when someone passes under them, meaning the lights are literally only in use when they need to be.

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