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Do I need to have my air ducts cleaned?

Air duct cleaning involves the scrubbing of air conditioning ducts in order to remove any buildup of dust and grime inside. With an increasing focus on air pollution and maintaining a better quality of air indoors, many people are deciding to have their air ducts cleaned, believing it will benefit their day-to-day lives.

However, there is no scientific evidence air duct cleaning improves air quality – rather, it is up to you to decide if you want the air ducts cleaned. Regular cleaning/changing of air filters will ensure maximum airflow is delivered, and will generally be enough to keep your air conditioning unit in good working order. Some people argue that cleaning air ducts is a temporary fix to a bigger problem – how the dust got there in the first place – so a regular cleaning may be more money than it is worth.

Likewise, settled dust in the ducts is stationary, and will not contribute to airborne dust entering the house unless you attempt to clean the interior yourself. However, despite the lack of scientifically proven evidence, some experts agree there may still be value to having your air ducts cleaned. We’ve listed a few of the potential benefits below.

Peace of mind

For many, seeing the unsightly dust build up in air ducts is unpleasant and a worrying factor on your mind. Having them professionally cleaned will provide peace of mind that the dust and grime is removed, even if it doesn’t directly benefit your health.

Increase respiratory health

Although not scientifically proven, many people report improved respiratory health after having their air ducts clean. Whether this is a placebo effect is unknown, although keeping the air ducts dust-free may benefit those with allergies or asthma, who are particularly susceptible to dust particles in the air.

Fights mould and odours

Another reported benefit of having air ducts cleaned is less mould and damp around the house, with the home having a fresher smell too. The removed dust eliminates any environment in which bacterial mould can grow, which in turn reduces the chance of unpleasant odours of mildew and damp circulating around the house. Cleaning your air ducts may help your home smell that bit better.

Conditioned Environment

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