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Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Unit for Your Home

air conditioner with remote control

Air conditioning units are arguably the most effective way of cooling your home when summer’s rising temperatures make the house stuffy and uncomfortable to be in. Whilst fans and air coolers provide an effective method of cooling rooms, they are nowhere near as efficient as an air conditioning unit, which can also be installed to cool the entire home, ensuring the whole family gets a restful sleep even on the warmest summer nights.

An air conditioning unit can be a big investment, but if you find that you are particularly uncomfortable with the temperature in your home, it may be an extremely worthwhile upfront cost for the comfort it will provide.

What type of air conditioner is best for you?

There are a wide range of air conditioning units available, so picking the right type for your home is important. Consider what purpose you want the unit to serve – is it meant for one room that gets very hot in particular, or do you want it to be effective in cooling the entire house throughout the summer? Types of air conditioners include:

Single-unit air conditioner

This type of unit is ideal for cooling single rooms in your house, and can often be placed on the window sill for added convenience. The size of this unit means it can be transported from room to room, however this does also mean that it is not efficient enough to cool the entire home or even several rooms.

Split air conditioner

This type of unit is comprised of an outdoor and indoor part, perfect for cooling one or two rooms. These are often more powerful than single unit conditioners, and are ideal if you have one room that gets very hot – a conservatory, for example.

Central air conditioner

Built with a large compressor that can produce a larger volume of air conditioning, this is the most energy efficient type of air conditioning unit and can be used for the whole house by optimising air ducts and vents. This is, however, the most expensive unit, so you must be sure it is right for your home.

Additional features

Before purchasing your air conditioning unit, consider any extra features that would be useful for you. Light sleepers may favour a unit that comes with a sleep mode, for example, which reduces the noise emitted by the unit overnight by reducing the running speed of the fan and compressor.

Likewise, having a timer option or remote control access for those out of the house most of the day, but wanting to return to a nicely cooled home rather than have to switch it on once you return to an already stifling room.

No matter what type of air conditioning unit you decide is best for you, here at Conditioned Environment we offer the highest quality residential and home air conditioning services throughout the London area.

Our skilled team can install, repair, and maintain your unit to ensure it’s always running to maximum efficiency. For more information, feel free to contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.