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Air Quality in the Workplace

In order to keep your workplace ticking over and to keep those within it happy and productive, there are a wide variety of factors that need to be kept in check. Some of them are obvious, like comfortable seating, fair working hours and a well designed workspace, but other important factors may go under the radar.

Air quality in the workplace is often overlooked, yet it can have a profound impact on the way your workplace operates and how your employees feel within it. There is a variety of ways in which air quality can affect people in your workplace, and this article will look into them.


If the quality of air is not sufficient, then people may suffer an increase in fatigue, even if the work they are doing is not particularly strenuous. A contributing factor to this ventilation issue can be humidity and temperature – make sure they are at an optimum  level to avoid people feeling tired and therefore lowering their concentration and productivity levels.


An increase or decrease in concentration can certainly be linked to how tired an individual is feeling. If the air quality is below the required standard, employees may find themselves distracted as a result of their tiredness. Their creativity may suffer as they become uncomfortable, and this can have a detrimental effect on the output of fellow employees and the workplace as a whole.


Prolonged exposure to poor quality air can result in negative effects on the health of individuals, too. Headaches and shortness of breath are common problems, and this can lead to either stunted work performance or employees needing time of work to recuperate. When you consider the relatively simple process of improving the air quality in your workplace, it makes a great deal of sense to make sure this is under control. There are a number of ways that the air quality can be damaged, some of which come from sources that may go unnoticed. A lot of paints that are used in interior design contain Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, which are released into the atmosphere when paint dries, which can be hazardous to the health of those around it, not to mention bad for the environment. Consider buying water-based paints for your office or workplace, as these are devoid of VOCs.


The aforementioned effects of poor air quality can combine and ultimately affect the mood of those in the workplace. If someone is tired, their concentration and quality of work may suffer, and the lower quality of work may affect their mood. There are plenty of ways that you, as a manager or building owner can help to improve the mood of those in the workplace. From carefully chosen interior decor and colour schemes to comfortable seating and even plants, mood can be improved if the surroundings are pleasant to be in and look at.

Creating a comfortable working environment is beneficial to everyone involved, no matter what sector your business is in. If your employees are happy, comfortable and healthy, then the productivity of your workplace will respond accordingly. Take the time to ask staff about their feelings about their working environment and you may find that you can improve their experiences in a few simple ways.

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