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Air Cooled vs Water Cooled Air Conditioning

As the summer months are upon us, the temperatures are rising. While this can be great when we’re outside enjoying the sun, being hot and bothered at work can be incredibly distracting and a hindrance to work output. For this reason, it is the responsibility of business owners and building managers to implement effective air conditioning systems that help keep the climate at a comfortable level. In order to make sure you get the best possible system, it is important to know the benefits of both air cooled and water cooled air conditioning.

Air Cooled Air Conditioning

Air cooled air conditioning works by taking heat from the space to the air outside the room. The heated air is taken from the room itself and then expelled outside the building. The unit itself can be installed either inside or outside the room, and the location of the unit changes where the heated air is expelled to. If the unit is inside the room, the heat is released through a duct, via a fan to a space outside the room. If the unit is outside the room, the heat is either released into space surrounding the unit or a space elsewhere. One of the main benefits of this system is the ease of set up, as well as the portability of the unit itself. These systems are ideal for buildings where there is no available water source, or for premises where there are plenty of places for the hot air to be dispersed, such as suspended ceilings.

Water Cooled Air Conditioning

Water cooled air conditioning takes heat from the space it is installed in, and then transfers it to water which is then released via a drainage system. These units are more commonly used in enclosed spaces, or closed buildings where any extra heat would pose a risk to the current system. Obviously, this system requires a constant and reliable water supply – it can be hooked up to water sources in kitchens, bathrooms or sinks via a hose system. The benefits of water cooled systems are the relatively small size of the units, making them ideal for smaller premises or for buildings where there is limited floor space. There is also no need to empty condensate tanks, as the units themselves contain pumps with which to distribute the water.

Both types of air conditioning units bring with them different benefits, and by looking into the needs of your building and the specifications of water cooled and air cooled units, you can ensure that you are creating a comfortable temperature for those in your building with a system that suits your premises.

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