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Air Conditioning Increases Productivity in the Workplace

One of the most persistent challenges any office faces is how to keep its employees consistently happy and productive throughout the working weeks, months and years. During the hot, sticky summers and the biting cold winters this is especially troublesome, but there is something you can do!

Air conditioning is a great way to improve the comfort and happiness of your staff, and to prove that we aren’t just blowing hot air, the team at Conditioned Environment have put together some of the ways that an air conditioning system can help improve the productivity in your workplace.

Keeps the office comfortable

The most telling benefit of workplace air conditioning is the way it keeps the working environment a comfortable place to be. In the hot weather, the last place your employees want to be is inside a stuffy, muggy office where they will feel stifled and sluggish from the heat. Your employees won’t be able to stay comfortable at their desks and this will likely override their ability to focus on their work for any extended period of time.

Installing an air conditioning unit will let you fight back against the widespread discomfort that comes with the summer sun. Your employees will feel like the office is a sanctuary from the heat outside; with the distraction of physical discomfort dealt with, employees can relax and be easily encouraged to focus on the work at hand.

Maintains a constant temperature

If the temperature in the office is never stable and constantly fluctuating, employees will notice and be negatively affected. An important part of productivity is consistency, and the temperature control provided by an air conditioning unit makes this easy to attain. All you need to do is find the ideal working temperature (usually around 21℃)and everyone will be all the better for it. They won’t be distracted when the temperature plummets, rises and plummets again throughout the day, instead they will naturally acclimatise to the atmosphere that a maintained temperature brings. This is vital to encouraging a healthy workflow.

Helps to prevent health problems

Making sure the temperature and humidity levels in the office are comfortable for everyone will help prevent the health problems that come from extreme temperatures. Dehydration, sunstroke, migraines, stress and exhaustion can all be a factor if it’s too hot, and anyone suffering from these at any time throughout the day will naturally see drops in their productivity.

The cold weather, too, will bring its own threats to the health of your employees. Dry skin, colds, flu, sore throats and even hypothermia are risks, but setting your air conditioner to account for loss of humidity and drastic drops in temperature will help prevent employees from falling victim to illnesses brought on by the cold.

Sick days can really slow down the productivity of the office, and you should take steps to make sure that temperature or seasonally influenced illnesses are prevented, to limit widespread absences and a sudden decrease in workflow. An air conditioner will stem the tide of health problems caused by hot or cold weather, keeping the office productive and healthy throughout the year.

Technology runs better

Originally, air conditioning was created with the efficiency of machinery in mind. Of course, it was quickly realised that air conditioning is great for people too – and the economy, helping attract people to shops and movie theatres – but despite its repurposing, air conditioning will still keep your machinery running efficiently.

Your workplace likely has numerous technological equipment vital to the operation of your business. Servers, printers, computers, all of these need to be in good working order for business to thrive. Excessively hot temperatures will cause equipment like this to overheat regularly, interrupting the workflow and decreasing productivity as employees become more frustrated by unreliable and unpredictable technology.

Equipment like this can be temperamental at the best of times so it’s important to keep the environment around your technology at a suitable temperature to keep it running at peak efficiency. If your workers have constant, uninterrupted access to the technology central to their work, productivity will see a natural boost.

Air conditioning in your workplace is an easy to implement, easy to manage solution to drops in productivity. It’s important to choose top quality commercial air conditioning to keep your employees happy, comfortable and productive.

Conditioned Environment supply, install and maintain commercial air conditioning for a variety of clients throughout Central London and beyond. With an experienced team of engineers on hand, you can be confident that our units will provide efficient, safe and comprehensive to you and your business. If you have any commercial air conditioning enquiries, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today.